Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well, another weekend is over...

Weekends seem to go by ridiculously fast lately. Maybe it's because we pretty much always have plans to be going somewhere or doing something, and don't have much time to just hang out. Or maybe because one of us wakes up with Sasha, letting the other one sleep a couple of extra hours and then we switch, which pretty much kills the entire morning. Anyway, another weekend is over, and we're only two days away from Mexico. And we're excited. And a little nervous. Although I do have to admit, I thought I'd be a lot more nervous at this point, but nope. I'm preoccupied with checklists of things to pack, suitcases, clean clothes ready to be put away, and finding new toys, books, and snacks for Sasha for our flights. I'm pretty sure I will lose it and freak out as we're approaching the airport, with the kiddo strapped into our trusty Ergo, still sleepy, on her mama, not yet knowing that she's about to embark on a four-hour-long flight.
As we're packing and preparing, we are starting our next session of swim lessons, which I am so thrilled about. The kiddo loves being in the water. And I love watching her get excited about flailing her arms and legs around in an attempt to demonstrate her "skills". This should get more and more fun as she's getting older and actually understands more and more.
On that note, my absolute favorite thing about her right now is when you ask her "How does a baby cry?", she tilts her head a little bit to the side and does a whimpery little "Aaah" in a very sad voice. I love it!

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