Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update on baby Honeydew

First off, I'm 24 weeks today. Which means viability. Which means the kiddo will likely do just fine if he were born at this point (not super duper, probably stay in the NICU, but the lungs are developed enough to survive! Yay!) I know it's a weird thing to get excited about, but it makes me feel relieved.
I saw the new OB (since I won't be delivering with my old one) and she was so nice! Sasha came with me and behaved like an angel (why couldn't she act like that at home, I wonder). She kept asking me what the dr. was doing and then listened to her little brother's heartbeat on the doppler with a giant smile on her face. It was so precious! I really can't wait for him to get here!!
See? I'm telling you she's excited!
Still no name for this kiddo (and don't even get me started on how badly I feel about it, with Sasha we had a name before we were even married!!) Going back and forth on a few alternatives, but none of them feel like our son's name, if that makes sense.  So we're working on it; hopefully we'll decide before he's born!
The next big thing is the GD test in a month, when I get to drink some lovely sugary drink and get blook drawn to make sure I'm not developing gestational diabetes. Then after that nothing too exciting for a while.
I cannot wait for March to get here!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

So much to be thankful for this year! Wonderful family and friends (who have been nothing but amazing, especially during these past few months), our health, our perfectly healthy growing baby, not to mention our amazing "big girl" (her words, not mine), my husband. We spent Thanksgiving at Z's aunt and uncle's house with many of our loved ones and it was so much fun!

Monday, November 21, 2011

How we spent the first weekend in our new house

We spent the entire weekend unpacking, washing windows, painting bathrooms, insulating the attic, vacuuming, ordering take-out, discovering a new park, and putting together a doll crib for Sasha. We even managed to squeeze in a swimming lesson at the Y for the kiddo! Oh, and we now own a leaf blower, yup, definitely the suburbs.

Pictures of the house to come later, once (at least) the boxes are unpacked. We still have a lot to do in terms of decorating and really making the place "ours", but with the holidays coming up, I think I might slack a little on that.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Home sweet home!

Just a quick update: we're all moved in, as of this afternoon. Still have a few things in the car and boxes, boxes everywhere (will this ever end?) Sasha's room is bright and blue with light pink curtains and butterflies on her comforter (which she picked out herself) and is the only room in the house which is unpacked. Baby boy's room might just be the last to be unpacked, sigh. Master bedroom is cozy and warm with a king-size bed and many boxes (but if you close your eyes and imagine the boxes aren't there, it's really cozy and warm, I promise!)
I do have a few pictures, but, alas, not the camera cord, so whenever I locate it, I'll be able to upload some. Tomorrow, Z is going back to work, and Sasha and I will explore our new neighborhood a bit. More on the house to come, I'm sure!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Las Vegas in pictures

OMG, we really needed that break! I came back feeling refreshed and ready for more packing (but don't even get me started on that!) Vegas was a bit chilly, but we made the best of it and had an amazing time. Went to see the Grand Canyon, gambled (and lost a lot of money, sigh), ate at wonderfully delicious restaurants, walked around, and, yes, shopped. It was great!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Half baked!

I am officially half baked, as of last Wednesday. I'm feeling pretty good, just really big (I'm pretty sure I looked like this at 24 weeks with Sasha).
I had another anatomy scan today and I took my mom, since she's never seen one before. I swear, she was sitting there smiling the entire time, it was wonderful!
How cute is that little kiddo? He's got the same little button nose that Sasha had too! Can you see how he's sticking out his pinky as if drinking tea? Ahh, I love it! Kiddo weighs approximately 1lb right now, measuring about 5 days ahead. The doctor said he wanted to see me in a month to monitor his growth (he said they were mostly concerned about slower growth with the meds I'm on though, so so far so good).
As for the name, we're still very much undecided. Discussing a bunch of different names, all of which are really nice names, but none of which seem to feel like our son's name quite yet. I just hope we come to a decision before we're at the hospital!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vegas bound!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'll be on my way to Las Vegas! Z is there for a conference right now, and I'm joining him (well, I'm not going there for the conference). I am so excited for a chance to get away from all the craziness of the past few weeks and recharge before our final week here!
November is looking to be quite busy: Vegas this week, then packing all of next week (with a little break for an anatomy scan to which I am sooo excited to take my mom!), moving all our stuff that weekend, and closing on our current apartment on the 14th. It's a good thing November ends with loads of family and food (Thanksgiving and our niece's 6th birthday), or else I think I'd go crazy!