Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Half baked!

I am officially half baked, as of last Wednesday. I'm feeling pretty good, just really big (I'm pretty sure I looked like this at 24 weeks with Sasha).
I had another anatomy scan today and I took my mom, since she's never seen one before. I swear, she was sitting there smiling the entire time, it was wonderful!
How cute is that little kiddo? He's got the same little button nose that Sasha had too! Can you see how he's sticking out his pinky as if drinking tea? Ahh, I love it! Kiddo weighs approximately 1lb right now, measuring about 5 days ahead. The doctor said he wanted to see me in a month to monitor his growth (he said they were mostly concerned about slower growth with the meds I'm on though, so so far so good).
As for the name, we're still very much undecided. Discussing a bunch of different names, all of which are really nice names, but none of which seem to feel like our son's name quite yet. I just hope we come to a decision before we're at the hospital!!

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