Thursday, April 30, 2009

Behold the cuteness!

I just wanted to share some really fun pictures from the last few days. I couldn't resist. She's too cute :)

Chicken on her face I think. She didn't like it. And I can't blame her, it's quite gross pureed up!

"Who? Me?"

Her cousin Jonathan, the family's full of cute babies :)

Being all serious on Jonathan's swing

This kid just adores swings, it's so cute watching her giggle and squeal in excitement!

The hat belonged to my cousin, in fact she, my sister and I had these identical hats when we were little.

Monday, April 27, 2009

March for Babies in pictures

Sunday, we walked for March for Babies. I have to say that when we got there, there were so many people wearing t-shirts with words of encouragement, sadness, loss, pictures of babies they were walking for (or in memory of), I just broke down and teared up. It made me so sad that so many families have to go through the horrible loss of a child or taking care of premature babies, it's absolutely heartbreaking. But at the same time, it made me so thankful that we have such a beautiful healthy baby girl, who at the time was so peacefully sleeping in her stroller amid all the noise; I felt almost selfish. But I was so glad that we could do this for other families, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant our contribution was. I am going to teach my baby girl that no matter what, you always can and should help other people who need it. And I feel that these babies and their families certainly do. I'm not saying that this is the most deserving cause, not at all, but I think since having Sasha it just really hits so close to home when I read or hear about babies born prematurely or with any sort of birth defects.
The blog community online is so incredibly strong, people rally around others who they often don't even know at all, who may live across the country and never met, but who have gone through something so horrible as losing a child. It amazes me how connected we feel to others, I can feel another mother's pain when I'm reading these blogs. One of these blogs ( is one of the latest I've read: Maddie was born at 28 weeks, her lungs were so underdeveloped that she required multiple breathing treatments a day, after spending 68 days in the NICU; she passed away on April 7th. Since then, people all over the country (if not world) have donated more than $34,000 to the March of Dimes in her honor. When we were walking, I saw a woman wearing a t-shirt with Maddie's picture on it, it somehow made me feel so much more proud of what we were doing. It made me feel that our small contribution and half a day spent walking MAKES A DIFFERENCE. So thank you again to all who have donated and Anna and Andrey for walking with us!

Andrey and Y with baby Sasha

Anna and I

Sasha woke up and was all smiles with her auntie Anna

The kiddo at the end of the walk

Friday, April 24, 2009

March of Dimes

This Sunday, we're walking in the March for Babies. I'm excited to announce that we reached and even surpassed our goal of $250! Thanks to all who have donated money and time (Anna and Andrey are walking with us). This makes a huge difference! One day all babies will be born healthy... we need to walk to get there.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She crawls!

Kinda, sorta. Our little girl has been trying to crawl for the past couple of weeks. She's done the rocking back and forth thing for a bit, then she figured out to move her legs and has been doing it for a while now, the problem was arms: she couldn't figure out that she needs to move them too and always ended up on her tummy. Well, today, she started moving her arms! I just saw her do it a couple of times she needed to get to her book. I'm so proud of her!! Now off to babyproof...

Ok, UPDATE since I last posted. She full-fledged CRAWLED! Eeek! My mom came by after work and she and my husband tried to get Sasha to crawl, offering her different toys, finally Y put Cheburashka in front of her (hands down her favorite toy), and she did it!!! My little girl is growing up :)

Teething+shots= miserable baby...

... and exhausted mama! Miss Sasha is finally asleep, after a pretty bad morning: she wouldn't let me put her down, wouldn't even let go of me, she barely ate her breakfast bottle, she just wasn't her usual happy giggling self (although I have to say, funny enough, when we went to look in the mirror she was perfectly fine, laughing, making silly faces, talking to herself... at least something makes her happy!)
I think she started teething sometime last week, and this crying miserable being appeared Monday morning; I'm crossing my fingers that this tooth does not take as long as the previous two did (about two weeks before we saw the first one poking through and then another week for the second), or we'll be so mad and cranky by the end of it, no one will want to see us!
You know how when you're pregnant (or sometimes even before that) others share their experiences with birth/babies? Well, no one has ever told me about teething! I mean, I knew it wouldn't be fun or pleasant, but I had no idea it was going to be this bad! Gah! Someone, please give my baby a full set of teeth for her birthday, hehehe.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Doctor appointment today

Today we went for Sasha's well-baby visit. I think we go so often that she's catching on that the dr. is going to poke her with needles and looks at her suspiciously when we walk in, it's very cute though. She handled that very well today, did not seem to even notice the first poke, cried a bit after the second, and squirmed like crazy when the dr. gave her an oral vaccine. She's now happily napping in her favorite spot out on the balcony.
Here are her stats: 18lbs 8oz and 27" long. Her doctor is very happy with how she's growing and developing. She also said she saw another tooth coming through, to the right of the already existing two on the bottom (I suspected that that was the next one, because she keeps sticking her tongue in that direction - exactly what she did with the first two). I have yet to see it. But I hope it comes through soon - the poor thing isn't eating, gets easily cranky and irritated, and so clingy. I just feel so bad for her, and I can't even do anything about it!
We get to go back in a month and a half, when Miss Sasha is 9 months old. So yay for no poking and needles for six weeks!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another great day out

Today we went to visit auntie Anna and her uncle Andrey in Hoboken. We had some really awesome crepes with them. It was such a nice day and we strolled along the Hudson for a while. Then we found a playground and our awesome baby woke up just as we were passing it, so we stayed awhile. It was so much fun! We went on the slides and on the swing with her. And once again, she enjoyed it (and once again mommy is sad about not having a backyard).

On the slide with auntie Anna

She was having so much fun on the big swing

My silly little girl

LOVE this picture!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Miss Sasha had two playdates in the past two days! On Friday, we trekked out to Hoboken to meet with four other mommies and their babies. It was such a beautiful day out, so we hung out in the park by the water and got some fresh air and sunshine. The kiddos were all so cute in their spring wear and had fun playing with each other's toys.

All of us (minus Ethan's mommy Amy who's taking the picture)

All the kids together: Ethan, Meredith, Evie, Jenna, and Sasha. Doesn't it look like Evie is crying and all the rest of them are trying to comfort her?

Jenna and Sasha checking each other out

Sasha seemed fascinated by Jenna's hair (I think it's the lack of the bald spot on her head that Sasha still has)


My baby and I

She was very tired by the end of the day

Today, Y and I, along with Miss Sasha met with a fellow mommy, her daughter and husband (and two adorable puppies, who seemed quite fond of Sasha and licked her hands). We went to Coney Island and just strolled along the Boardwalk. It was again a beautiful day, though maybe just a bit too hot (we had to take Sasha's outfit off and let her hang out in her diaper, which she utterly enjoyed).


My little happy girl with her Sophie

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First ponytail!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a ponytail! She looks so cute with it, but you can judge for yourselves:

Ma, is this really necessary?

Ok, I guess it's not too bad

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Swing fun and new tricks

Since daddy was home yesterday, we decided to go to a nearby park to let Sasha go on the swings. She had such a blast! At first she wasn't sure what to make of the experience, but within a few minutes she was smiling and giggling. It was so much fun watching her enjoy the swing. And it made me a little sad that we don't have a backyard with the swing/slide set for her to enjoy.

Daddy and Miss Sasha making silly faces at each other

And as for her new tricks, Sasha said "papa" Saturday night!! Dad was reading her a book at her bedtime and she just said it! He didn't hear it unfortunately, but I did. It just melted my heart! And yesterday, she managed to pull herself up from sitting to standing position!! We tried to get her to repeat it (for the camera, lol), but this is all we got!

Monday, April 13, 2009

We're back from Boston

We had such a wonderful weekend away. It's always so nice to go back to Boston, and always so sad to leave it. We got in Thursday pretty late, but Miss Sasha (ok, and I) slept a lot throughout the ride there, and we went right to sleep.
Friday morning we went to the pool and Sasha had such a great time splashing and swimming with us. We met up with daddy's friend Craig for lunch and then went to the top of the Prudential building to check out the aerial view of Boston. Friday night, we had dinner with uncle Steve near Harvard at an Indian place, which was yummy (although I have to say, when I ask a waiter if what I'm about to order is spicy, only tell me it's not if it's really not)

Getting ready

Daddy showing Sasha Boston

Pretty pretty

Hey ma, hat's down there?

Got your nose... and ear!

The Prudential reflecting in an other building

Saturday morning we went swimming again (this time we meant to bring the camera, but completely forgot, did on Sunday though, so pictures to follow). We then met with a bunch of my friends for lunch at Cheesecake factory (yum). We were planning to go see the ducklings in the public garden that day too, but it was rainy so we postponed that until Sunday. For dinner, we met with some more of my friends. Overall, another fun day!

Meeting Auntie Gretchen for the first time

With Auntie Emmie and Uncle David

Auntie Gretchen and Auntie Caitlin

All of us together

Meeting Auntie Alla for the first time

On Sunday morning, we finally got some pictures from the pool! We did make it to the Public Garden to see the ducklings, but since it was very windy, we didn't stay long. Then we had lunch with Z's friend Victor before heading back home in the afternoon.

Going swimming - I love this picture, she always makes such silly faces!

On our way to the pool

With Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings all dressed up for Easter

Trinity Church and the John Hancock building

With uncle Victor

Bye-bye, Boston!