Monday, April 6, 2009

Seven months!

That's right, Miss Sasha's 7 months old (as of yesterday). She's growing up so fast and right in front of our eyes too, it's wonderful. She's trying to figure out the whole crawling thing as I type this: she gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, it really looks like she's trying to move herself forward, but hasn't realized that she needs to move one arm at a time and then one leg at a time too. She can stand holding on to something for a couple of minutes now. Without doing her oh-so-cute butt wiggle. She's extremely vocal and likes to shriek (and when I shriek back at her, she waits for me to finish, then shrieks again, and waits for me to do it again!). Her favorites currently are "tatata", "lalala", "aya", and "gaga", repeated over and over again.
Here are some pictures of our little girl:

"No, don't tell me how old I am!"

How could you say no to that face??

"I can even do it one handed... sorta"

"Ma, you're going to go and blog about this, aren't you?"


847christine said...

Happy 7 months Sasha! She is such a cutie... & so expressive!!

Yuliya A. said...

And happy 7 months to little Evie too! I love that they share a birthday. Now if we could just get them to meet up... ;)