Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some pictures from yesterday

Swimming lesson yesterday went very well (better than I expected). Sasha was a little sleepy, but other than that, she did just fine in the water. I was afraid she'd be the crying freaking out kid in the group, but she only got a little upset when some water got into her face. Daddy didn't get there until half-way through the session (he was trying to park the car), so we don't have a lot of pictures, but hopefully next time we'll get some more. She looked absolutely precious in her little swimsuit though!

High-fiving the instructor! I've been teaching her how to do it for the past week or so, and this is the first time she actually did it (almost) excitedly! It was so cute to see that.

Getting out of the water in our matching blue swimsuits and a towel (a total accident)

In the afternoon, we went to grandma and grandpa A's house for grandma's birthday party. It was so much fun and Sasha did her usual "rounds" with everybody!

She hung out with her great-grandma

...discussed cake with grandma and grandpa

...and discussed high fashion with grandma's friend too!

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