Monday, April 20, 2009

Doctor appointment today

Today we went for Sasha's well-baby visit. I think we go so often that she's catching on that the dr. is going to poke her with needles and looks at her suspiciously when we walk in, it's very cute though. She handled that very well today, did not seem to even notice the first poke, cried a bit after the second, and squirmed like crazy when the dr. gave her an oral vaccine. She's now happily napping in her favorite spot out on the balcony.
Here are her stats: 18lbs 8oz and 27" long. Her doctor is very happy with how she's growing and developing. She also said she saw another tooth coming through, to the right of the already existing two on the bottom (I suspected that that was the next one, because she keeps sticking her tongue in that direction - exactly what she did with the first two). I have yet to see it. But I hope it comes through soon - the poor thing isn't eating, gets easily cranky and irritated, and so clingy. I just feel so bad for her, and I can't even do anything about it!
We get to go back in a month and a half, when Miss Sasha is 9 months old. So yay for no poking and needles for six weeks!

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