Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long sunny weekend

I finally finished editing all the pictures from Memorial Day weekend, and without further ado, here they are (it was pretty much a non-stop pool/barbecue party). My sister and her husband stayed with us the entire weekend. On Saturday, my cousin, his wife, and their two girls came for a playdate.
Max and his cousin Maya
Love these two!
Proud papas introducing their babies
 On Sunday, Anya's friends came over.
He loves his auntie already!
Did I mention it was my sister's birthday?
On Monday, Z's parents and my aunt and uncle came for day 3 of pool-partying
My aunt with Max
Z's mom
It was a very sweet weekend!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good "morning"

Max likes to take a long nap in the mornings, which is seriously great! On the days when Sasha is home from school, I get to spend lots of extra one-on-one time with her and on the days she's in school, I sometimes get to take a nap after dropping her off. Which is exactly what I did today. Woke up feeling refreshed, ate, washed the dishes, did the laundry. Kid still sleeping. Sorted through pictures from this weekend, cleaned a bit. Kid finally woke up.
Happy Max during diaper change
"Listen, I know I'm cute, but can you hurry up please? I'm getting kinda hungry here"
We attempted tummy time, which lasted all of 5 minutes until he started eating his fist.
Then it was "lunch" time for little guy. He then hung out on his piano playmat and after a quick change of clothes, he's now sleeping in his carseat waiting for me to get ready to head to the mall. And it's almost 2pm here!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Two months old

Max turned 2 months old on Saturday! Time is just flying by! I really want to freeze this moment when he's so itty bitty and likes to cuddle and be held. He's starting to "talk" a lot more now, "ahh"s and "ehh"s all day long. He's also laughing more every day, I just adore it.  He nurses like a champ, and usually gets up once a night (but some nights, twice).
He still sleeps a lot! He usually needs to go back down about an hour after he woke up or he's a cranky mess (except for the evenings, then he can hang out for a while longer before he's down for the night) Little kiddo loves bathtime and kicks his legs now (much like Sasha did when she was this age). Speaking of Sasha, he adores his big sister and always smiles when she kisses him. And she's just as smitten with him still; she was spending the night at her grandparents' this weekend, and when she came back and saw that Max was awake, she dropped everything and ran to give him a hug and a kiss!
We're having a bit of a spitting up problem with the little man, he does it a lot (and it's fairly recent), but doesn't seem to be bothered or in pain, so I'll bring it up at our pedi appointment next week.
Oh, and I have a ton of pictures from this weekend (it was pretty much one long pool party, it was great!), but I still have to finish editing them, so that's coming up soon!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Two-months pedi check-up

Max had his 2-month check-up this morning and got 2 shots (he cried his little "why are you letting her do this to me?" cry and looked so sad, but was ok after some cuddles and a bottle of milk). Kiddo gained another 2lbs and grew 1 3/4" (go me!), so now he's 12lbs9oz and 23 3/4" (both in 75th %ile).
Oh, and he wanted to dress up for the doctor ;)
This kid will be 2 months old tomorrow - what? how's that even possible?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This week

This week has been fun!
Max was being an adorable little dude
We went for walks...
... while looking cute
Sasha practiced smiling on the morning of pictures day in school
And Max smiled a ton!
We played on the lawn
And went shoe shopping with Sasha (kiddo was very excited to pick out some new sneakers)
We dressed up... plant strawberries in the backyard
We did homework
And my mothers' day present finally got here in the mail - I love it!
Tomorrow is Max's 2-month check-up and he's getting some shots, hopefully he won't mind too much! And this weekend, Auntie Anna and Uncle Andrey are coming over for some family time, barbeque, and splashing in the pool - hooray for long weekends!

Monday, May 21, 2012

First ballet

This weekend, we took Sasha to her very first ballet at Lincoln Center. She was so excited and got to dress up. We invited her cousin Emily and the girls had a blast!
I have pictures from when I was growing up with my sister and cousins, doing things together, going to events, playing and being silly; I'm so glad Sasha will have that too!
Poor kid was exhausted! But we'll definitely be back!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I am Supermom!

I went to Target yesterday. With both kids. No meltdowns. No poopy diapers. Only one unnecessary item bought (thanks to Max's carseat in the shopping cart).
I am Supermom!
Ok, I'm really not, but I was damn proud of myself!