Monday, May 28, 2012

Two months old

Max turned 2 months old on Saturday! Time is just flying by! I really want to freeze this moment when he's so itty bitty and likes to cuddle and be held. He's starting to "talk" a lot more now, "ahh"s and "ehh"s all day long. He's also laughing more every day, I just adore it.  He nurses like a champ, and usually gets up once a night (but some nights, twice).
He still sleeps a lot! He usually needs to go back down about an hour after he woke up or he's a cranky mess (except for the evenings, then he can hang out for a while longer before he's down for the night) Little kiddo loves bathtime and kicks his legs now (much like Sasha did when she was this age). Speaking of Sasha, he adores his big sister and always smiles when she kisses him. And she's just as smitten with him still; she was spending the night at her grandparents' this weekend, and when she came back and saw that Max was awake, she dropped everything and ran to give him a hug and a kiss!
We're having a bit of a spitting up problem with the little man, he does it a lot (and it's fairly recent), but doesn't seem to be bothered or in pain, so I'll bring it up at our pedi appointment next week.
Oh, and I have a ton of pictures from this weekend (it was pretty much one long pool party, it was great!), but I still have to finish editing them, so that's coming up soon!

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