Friday, September 26, 2008

3 weeks old today!

Baby Sasha is 3 weeks old today. While it's not a "real" birthday, it's a milestone nonetheless! She's growing and getting bigger. Last week at her 2 week appointment, Sasha was 8lbs8ozs and already 21.2" and we're convinced that she's gotten even longer (she's our little model). We go in for her 1-month visit next week ans we'll see how big she's gotten.
Last night we had a rough night, baby girl didn't sleep much (or well), she kept waking up and making funny noises, poor daddy didn't get any sleep before going to work (I get a couple of extra hours after he leaves before Sasha's next feeding). It was pouring all night and the wind was a little crazy, so I think our girl just wasn't too happy about that. The day has been easier than the night, we're just having a lazy day and cuddling. Daddy should be home in a few hours and we can't wait! Hopefully tonight will be easier.
Here's what Sasha and I have been doing most of today:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First day alone with baby

After two and a half weeks of having someone here with us to help out, today is the first day with just mommy and baby alone. And I have to say I think we're doing alright. Sasha fussed a little in the morning but then decided she was going to be a good girl! So we went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood and now she's sleeping in my arms. So I'm typing one-handed (hence a short post).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm sad

Zhenia went back to work yesterday... Granted, he got to stay home with Sasha and me for two whole weeks and I am so very grateful to his boss for that time, I couldn't help but be a little bit sad all day yesterday. I really miss him while he's gone. Well, at least it's already Tuesday and we're one day closer to the weekend when daddy gets to be with us all day long (and it's almost "lunch time", although I'm still just finishing my breakfast - my schedule is all messed up). My dad was here yesterday and he's coming over today as well, so it definitely helps to just have someone around. Anyway, I'm just having a little pity party for myself I guess and totally blaming the postpartum hormones for it!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My first blog post!

So this is my very first blog post ever! And where do I begin? The purpose of this blog was really to keep in touch with everybody and especially now that our precious baby girl is here. Which I guess is the reason for the name of this blog in the first place (and the reason for the blog itself): when we were ready to take our baby girl for her first walk in her stroller after coming home from the hospital, my husband said she looked like a bubblegum explosion in all her cute pink outfits. Hence the Bubblegum Explosion!
Now here's a brief story of our girl so far: baby Alexandra (aka Sasha) was born on September 5, 2008 at 10:47pm weighing in at 8lbs1oz and 21" long after 11 hours of labor (which was so much easier than I had anticipated - or feared). She came to this world with a full head of long black hair and beautiful dark grey eyes. We are so incredibly lucky to have her here, she's absolutely the love of our lives!! And (knock on wood) she even lets us sleep somewhat decently during the night! We cannot wait to see her grow and develop her personality!

Anyway, just wanted to say: welcome to my blog!