Friday, September 26, 2008

3 weeks old today!

Baby Sasha is 3 weeks old today. While it's not a "real" birthday, it's a milestone nonetheless! She's growing and getting bigger. Last week at her 2 week appointment, Sasha was 8lbs8ozs and already 21.2" and we're convinced that she's gotten even longer (she's our little model). We go in for her 1-month visit next week ans we'll see how big she's gotten.
Last night we had a rough night, baby girl didn't sleep much (or well), she kept waking up and making funny noises, poor daddy didn't get any sleep before going to work (I get a couple of extra hours after he leaves before Sasha's next feeding). It was pouring all night and the wind was a little crazy, so I think our girl just wasn't too happy about that. The day has been easier than the night, we're just having a lazy day and cuddling. Daddy should be home in a few hours and we can't wait! Hopefully tonight will be easier.
Here's what Sasha and I have been doing most of today:

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