Friday, January 28, 2011

Another snow day!

We had another snow day yesterday (papa even stayed home and worked, locking himself in out bedroom, where Sasha managed to find him and attack his computer, demanding to know what everything on it was). We did some crafts and played in the snow. And apparently the kiddo naps a lot longer and better when papa puts her down, what's that about?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Silly girl

This is what life with a two-year-old is like most days - I just love it!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family weekend

This weekend, we spent some time with family: on Saturday, we went to visit Z's grandparents and on Sunday (after leaving Z and Sasha to fend for themselves to go out with some girls from my online discussion board) we headed over to my parents' house to hang out with my sister.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We're going on vacation!

Late last night, after chasing after a particularly well-located room on board of a Norwegian cruise ship, losing it, and then miraculously finding it again, we booked out next family vacation! We are going to Florida and the Bahamas. There are only three ports of call, but the cruise leaves from NY, which is just so much easier than flying out to Miami with a  kiddo and then schlepping all our bags to port. We got an even bigger room this time around, but it looks like Miss Sasha ill have a little more space, and we'll be able to hang out and relax once she goes to bed. We leave in less than a month, on February 13th (funny side story: right after we booked, hubby looked at me seriously and said "Hey, the day after we leave is Valentine's Day!" We hadn't even realized that... not that we really do anything big for the day, but still cool). We're so so excited!
In health news, there aren't really any news. Sasha's feeling better, is in a much better mood most of the day, her fever is a lot lower, but she still wakes up during the night with fever and naps horribly.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feeling under the weather

So we're all sick. I think it started with Sasha who's had an annoyingly persistent runny nose for a good week or so. Then I started feeling iffy a few days ago. Then hubby complained about feeling sick (ish?) on Friday. But we were still feeling fine for our two playdates this weekend. Up until this morning that is. At around 11am, Sasha climbed into our bed, snuggled up, and fell fast asleep. Woke up with a scary high fever. The doctor said it was a virus and to keep the kiddo home for a week. So yeah, no playdates for us this weekend. But at least Y has tomorrow off, and we have a bunch of "Woody and Buzz" and "Shrek and Fiona and donkey" DVDs.
Here are some pictures from the past few days:
Girly girl
Fake smile...
Real smile!
Napping with papa on Saturday
And this was today, after Sasha's nap and a dose of Tylenol, watching Shrek with papa:
We're off to bed, to rest up. We will feel better tomorrow (I hope!)

Oh, and P.S. Sasha weighed in at 25lbs and measured 2'11" so she's growing, but slowly (the kid downright refuses to eat any meat!!)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two-year-olds aren't good at shoveling snow

Or digging cars out. Who would have thought?! The second blizzard of the season hit last night, and while we weren't affected quite as badly as the weathermen have predicted, we did get a fair amount of snow and attempted to go out and play.
I asked Sasha to pose with our almost clean car, so she stood there, hands in pockets, fake smiling!
And just like that, she was done with this whole snow thing!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keeping (some of) my resolutions

Alternatively titled "I got braces". But admittedly I am too embarrassed to actually put that line as a post title, in hopes that maybe somebody will just skim over it and not read too carefully. But I just needed to put it out there. My bottom teeth have started "crowding" (or something that sounds similarly sketchy) a while ago, and I decided to try to correct the problem as early as possible. So I did it, I went for it. And now my teeth hurt (although I'm sure temporarily) and I look even more like a 15-year-old (my mom tells me it'll be awesome to look some 10 years younger when I'm forty... the trouble is, I'm not 40 yet!)
When I got Sasha from school yesterday afternoon, she poked her little fingers in my mouth and asked "mama, what is that in your mouth?" - or in her words, "cho eto u mami v rote?" Funny enough, my husband did something very similar when he first got home from work, except that his sentences are grammatically correct and he knows better than to poke his fingers into my mouth!
The doctor said it should take 6 month (ish?) to get the problem fixed, so I'm hopeful that I'm going to look all grown-up in the near future. And until then, I've practiced smiling with my lips closed, and I'm getting better at it...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's resolutions

So, the year has begun and the first week's almost gone. That leaves 52 (ish) weeks to keep - or break - the new year's resolutions that so many people tend to make. I'm going to be honest, I've never actually done that. Never. probably because I knew I wouldn't last that long. Last year (you know, the one that ended six days ago!), I decided I was going to take at least one picture a day to document and remember the little things that happen every day. Like new t-shirts, funny hats, exciting toys, and snow blizzards. Today is January 6th and I haven't touched my camera in four days. So yeah, I need new resolutions.
1) I am going to take better care of myself. Like getting proper workouts in my day, eating healthier, seeing the doctors when I need to see them instead of putting it off.
2) I am going to take a different attitude with things I cannot control. Like not freaking out over things other people do or say. And taking a few deep breathes to realize that the kiddo did not wake up in the middle of the night just to spite me for staying up so late myself.
3) I am going to clean more often and more thoroughly. The closets need to be cleaned out, the old toys need to be thrown out or donated, and our balcony/storage room is in a really bad shape (good thing that's mostly my husband's stuff, so I'll just show his this post and he'll get right to cleaning it, 'cuz that's how we do it around here ;))
4) And I'm going to read more. I'm already done with the first Harry Potter books and half way through the second (awesome present from my hubby!) I have a few more books that have been sitting on the shelf waiting to be read and some I've wanting to pick up for some time.
So there you have it, my new year's resolutions. Pretty ambitious, if I say so myself. Care to wager how long I'll last?
I saw a bit of the Ellen DeGeneres show and she said something along the lines of "Every year, my resolutions are to exercise more, to eat healthier, and to drink more. This way, you know at least one of them is going to happen"

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringing in the new year - part II

On January 1st, after sleeping in late and picking up Sasha from her grandparents', we headed to my parents' house since my uncle came out from NJ. My sister wasn't able to come down, so she came by the next day. So between presents at the three parties, we also exchanged presents on the 31st before leaving for my in-laws' and then on the 2nd from Grandfather Frost under the tree - we had five different present unwrappings in three days!
Sasha just loves clinking her glass (with water)
With my mom and uncle
Z with my cousin Steve
My mom pulled out one of Sasha's (naked) dolls from her gift bag, which Sasha has dropped in there earlier - and of course took back the second she saw it!
Anya and Andrey got Sasha a cool little kiddie computer - she loves that thing!
And I got a cool wine glass that says "Mommy's sippy cup" lol!
My sister and Sasha
Stickers on our faces - fun with the kiddo!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ringing in the new year - part I

The number of parties and the number of unwrapped presents this year have been a little crazy. But if there's one thing I love is parties and presents (that's two things, huh?) On the 31st, we went over to Z's parents' house, along with his aunt and uncle and my parents and grandma.
Sasha got a fabulous train set!
I finally got my hands on the Harry Potter books!
And Z got a tempur-pedic pillow he's been wanting for a while
 We stayed there for a while, then left to go to our friends' party to watch the ball drop on times Square.
We played all sorts of games, just an FYI, so that my readers know that my face does not usually look like this
Stay tuned for celebration part II - too many pictures to fit into one post!