Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We're going on vacation!

Late last night, after chasing after a particularly well-located room on board of a Norwegian cruise ship, losing it, and then miraculously finding it again, we booked out next family vacation! We are going to Florida and the Bahamas. There are only three ports of call, but the cruise leaves from NY, which is just so much easier than flying out to Miami with a  kiddo and then schlepping all our bags to port. We got an even bigger room this time around, but it looks like Miss Sasha ill have a little more space, and we'll be able to hang out and relax once she goes to bed. We leave in less than a month, on February 13th (funny side story: right after we booked, hubby looked at me seriously and said "Hey, the day after we leave is Valentine's Day!" We hadn't even realized that... not that we really do anything big for the day, but still cool). We're so so excited!
In health news, there aren't really any news. Sasha's feeling better, is in a much better mood most of the day, her fever is a lot lower, but she still wakes up during the night with fever and naps horribly.

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