Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keeping (some of) my resolutions

Alternatively titled "I got braces". But admittedly I am too embarrassed to actually put that line as a post title, in hopes that maybe somebody will just skim over it and not read too carefully. But I just needed to put it out there. My bottom teeth have started "crowding" (or something that sounds similarly sketchy) a while ago, and I decided to try to correct the problem as early as possible. So I did it, I went for it. And now my teeth hurt (although I'm sure temporarily) and I look even more like a 15-year-old (my mom tells me it'll be awesome to look some 10 years younger when I'm forty... the trouble is, I'm not 40 yet!)
When I got Sasha from school yesterday afternoon, she poked her little fingers in my mouth and asked "mama, what is that in your mouth?" - or in her words, "cho eto u mami v rote?" Funny enough, my husband did something very similar when he first got home from work, except that his sentences are grammatically correct and he knows better than to poke his fingers into my mouth!
The doctor said it should take 6 month (ish?) to get the problem fixed, so I'm hopeful that I'm going to look all grown-up in the near future. And until then, I've practiced smiling with my lips closed, and I'm getting better at it...


Katy said...

Good for you for getting the braces! Also - love the new design of the blog :)

Yuliya A. said...