Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringing in the new year - part II

On January 1st, after sleeping in late and picking up Sasha from her grandparents', we headed to my parents' house since my uncle came out from NJ. My sister wasn't able to come down, so she came by the next day. So between presents at the three parties, we also exchanged presents on the 31st before leaving for my in-laws' and then on the 2nd from Grandfather Frost under the tree - we had five different present unwrappings in three days!
Sasha just loves clinking her glass (with water)
With my mom and uncle
Z with my cousin Steve
My mom pulled out one of Sasha's (naked) dolls from her gift bag, which Sasha has dropped in there earlier - and of course took back the second she saw it!
Anya and Andrey got Sasha a cool little kiddie computer - she loves that thing!
And I got a cool wine glass that says "Mommy's sippy cup" lol!
My sister and Sasha
Stickers on our faces - fun with the kiddo!

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