Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We went to visit papa's cousin and uncle to celebrate their birthdays (two weeks apart, but we were on the cruise, so this is the earliest everybody could get together). It just so happens that today is Halloween, so I thought why not have Miss Sasha in her awesome kitty costume I bought for her! Sasha's cousins Daniel and Sarah dressed up as well. The costumes didn't last very long on any of the kids, but I had a chance to snap a few pictures of them all.

Our pumpkins this year

Sasha as a kitty

Jonathan with his trick or treat basket

Daniel was "scream"; he also had a cape/robe type garment on.... oh, and the mask looked like there was "blood" spilling down from the top of it.

Sarah as the devil

Sasha dancing

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bermuda pictures

I'm sorry this has taken me so long, I was having some trouble getting these pictures uploaded to blogger... Here are some of them, the rest you can check out here

Hanging out with papa after a show on the ship

Playing chess

Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda

Hamilton - Bermuda's capital

On the ferry on our way to St. George's

Unfinished Church in St. George's - was begun in 1874, almost finished some 20 years later and then given up on, so there it stands without a roof, windows, pillars - it feels like some sort of a time machine has transported us into the 19th century!

Fort St. Catherine

Aquarium - Sasha loved it there, she squealed at all the fish

One evening instead of dinner, Sasha decided she wanted to walk up and down the stairs for good 20 minutes

Horseshoe Bay Beach

All the buildings in Bermuda are done in beautiful pastel pinks, blues, greens, yellows - it's beautiful!

Baby Sasha and baby palm tree

Fort St. Catherine at sunset, on the way home. We were very sad to leave, we're definitely going back one day (hopefully soon)

Monday, October 26, 2009

We're back!

And we have about a million pictures (ok, maybe 350, but still!) We had a wonderful time exploring the beautiful Bermuda and hanging out on the beach. It's really not like anywhere I've ever been before, it's so sunny and the Bermudians are so incredibly friendly; all the houses are in pastel colors: blues, greens, yellows, pinks; everything is so close together; the public transportation is so easy to navigate and so accessible; the towns are full of history; the old forts are as strong as four hundred years ago. We even found an unfinished church (started in 1847), it was like traveling through time and freezing that one moment when the church was being built. I'm almost done going through all the pictures and editing them, I'll try to post as soon as I'm done. For now, here's a picture of us on our anniversary after dinner:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our second anniverary

I'm so thankful for scheduled posts, because otherwise you would not be reading this post on our actual anniversary: we're on our cruise, but I do have to share this.
We're celebrating our second wedding anniversary today. I cannot believe it's been two whole years since we said "I do" to each other. These have been the most wonderful, exciting, and fun two years of my life. There were plenty of ups and downs, but I'm glad I got to experience them all with my wonderful husband. I so love our little family of three! I'm really looking forward to more years of happiness and joy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Museum of Modern Art

Today, we went to the city to meet up with papa for a visit to MoMA. While it is one of the coolest museums in the city, I have to be honest, I went there mostly to see Monet's Waterlilies - they are on exhibit there and Fridays are free, so what better day to go (and avoid finishing packing...) I wore Miss Sasha in the Ergo and I just have to say how much I loved it! It is so light and comfortable and I couldn't tell there was a 20-pound kiddo sitting on my back at all. Here are some pics of our first trip to a museum with our little girl (they're a little blurry, there was no flash allowed):

Sasha had the best time on the bus going home: she waved at people, looked out the window, danced, played with us (though it may not look it in this picture, but she was distracted here; she had fun, I promise!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anyone want to pack our bags for me?

I never liked packing (or unpacking for that matter, either) for the trips. Now the idea seems even more daunting. I now have to pack not only for myself, but for the kiddo: how many outfits does she need, how many diapers, how many packs of wipes, which toys, which of her other essential items? To bring the potty or not to bring the potty? Disposable swim diapers or reusable? I've already packed one suitcase for Miss Sasha and guess what, I need at least a backpack on top of that. How does this kid have more stuff than the two adults traveling with her (thankfully, the other adult is fully capable of packing for himself ;)) I mean, we're going to have two suitcases, our small travel stroller, a backpack, and a kiddo in an Ergo (I'm really hoping that's it though).
We're off to the library for story time, but if when I come home my suitcases are neatly packed and standing by the front door ready to be loaded into the car, that'd be terrific!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Remember these?

I was going through Miss Sasha's old baby stuff and putting things away and found a couple of teeny tiny baby things. Remember these?

Miss Sasha's baby hat that she wore home from the hospital - doesn't fit anymore :(

Auntie Anna made Sasha some booties and a headband for this past New Year's - she now wears it as a necklace ;)

Our little Picasso

Today, I gave Sasha some crayons for the first time and sure enough she thought it was food. It was hilarious watching her trying figure them out, but she seemed to enjoy them (although the fun was short-lived when she thought - yet again - that she was supposed to eat them). Here are some pictures and the final product:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday since papa had a day off. This was our first trip and surely will not be our last. We all had such a wonderful time, picked some pumpkins (Miss Sasha even got one of her own), fed the animals and played with tractors (!)