Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anyone want to pack our bags for me?

I never liked packing (or unpacking for that matter, either) for the trips. Now the idea seems even more daunting. I now have to pack not only for myself, but for the kiddo: how many outfits does she need, how many diapers, how many packs of wipes, which toys, which of her other essential items? To bring the potty or not to bring the potty? Disposable swim diapers or reusable? I've already packed one suitcase for Miss Sasha and guess what, I need at least a backpack on top of that. How does this kid have more stuff than the two adults traveling with her (thankfully, the other adult is fully capable of packing for himself ;)) I mean, we're going to have two suitcases, our small travel stroller, a backpack, and a kiddo in an Ergo (I'm really hoping that's it though).
We're off to the library for story time, but if when I come home my suitcases are neatly packed and standing by the front door ready to be loaded into the car, that'd be terrific!

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