Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My little ballerina

So Sasha is completely obsessed with Angelina Ballerina, a cute little cartoon on PBS about a mouse named Angelina who learns about dancing and music with her friends in... wait for it... Camembert Academy.
 She talks to the mouse, she pretends to play with her, it's really adorable. I bought a cute little pink dress at TJMaxx yesterday and she really loved it!!
Funny thing, when I ask Sasha if she's a ballerina, she looks at me, almost hurt, and says "No, I'm Sasha, Angelina is the ballerina" I'm thinking ballet classes might be in order when our little ballerina turns three in September.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Girls' night out

Saturday night, my sister and I went to the opera. We felt fancy and important sitting in the orchestra (my sister has won the lottery that Metropolitan Opera holds every Monday morning for discounted tickets). It was Romeo and Juliette and it was beautiful! I did get home after 2am, but we can thank the MTA for that one, sigh.
And yes, I now have bangs - I was going for side-swept, but I gess that's what you get when you're too excited about getting a haircut and can't wait a few extra days for your own stylist. Oh well, it's hair, it'll grow out and I'll figure out how to work it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

All better!

We went to see the doctor this morning and sure enough, Sasha's ear infection is gone! Yay! She was happy as a clam to see the doctor and even stuck her tongue out (for which she promptly asked to be compensated in the form of two tongue depressors, lol). She's now perfectly healthy and has been cleared to go back to school on Monday!
 Sasha and I planted some grass in this adorable little ducky - it's supposed to look like hair when it grows out - Z saw this in Lowe's and couldn't resist getting it. Sasha's been asking me for a couple of days now where the ducky's hair is.
 Oh, this? This is how Sasha tells me she wants to "take a picture" - she then proceeds to hold one eye closed while looking in the viewfinder of my camera!
 Sasha made a pretty necklace and was obviously very happy about it!
Oh, look, Sasha's shoes fit on Minnie!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Appointment update

We saw the pediatrician this morning. Well, what do you know, Sasha's virus had turned into a double ear infection! Poor kid! Granted, this is only her second ear infection ever and last time was a lot worse with high fever, but still... Doctor prescribed two different antibiotics, one of which we put into her ears directly. I gotta say, I thought she'd throw a fit about it, but no, she lay there, quietly, saying that it tickled and then asked to wipe the excess off her ear. Go Sasha! We return to the doctor on Thursday to see how it's clearing up. Until then, we're staying home and continuing on antibiotics, probiotics, and extra cuddles.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A beautiful spring day

We had a lovely warm spring day today. In was in the 70s, I'm not kidding. Too bad the next two weeks are supposed to be 48 and 49 and 50 (I finally figured out Fahrenheit, it took me some 11 years of confusion, but I finally get it... still can't spell it though, since the blogger just nearly yelled at me for misspelling it). So we went out, sick kid and all. She loved it!!
See the gloves? She insisted that she had to have them on!
Crappy cell phone pictures, my camera battery lived for literally one show and then kicked the bucket.
Then we made dinner on the grill (for the first time this year) and our girl got reacquainted with her love for colored chalk
Can't wait  for more days like this!!

Does this look like a sick kid to you?

Yeah, I didn't think so either! But nonetheless, Miss Sasha has been sick for the past week, and since this has been pretty much the same exact thing that she's had the last couple of times we didn't take her to the doctor yet. I did make an appointment for Saturday since her fever just won't go away. Now we'll either be told that we're paranoid and should've just waited one more day for her fever to break and keep giving her extra liquids and cuddles... or that we're fools and we should've brought her in earlier. I'm really hoping for the former! I will update when we're back.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A new (old) favorite game

We haven't played this game in a while, though I'm not sure why, it's such a blast!! It's called (tentatively) "run from as far as you can and jump on the pile of pillows" - yeah, we need to work on the title...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show - Springtime in Paris

This year the theme of the Philadelphia Flower show was springtime in Paris - how perfect is that?! It was gorgeous (I mean, it's spectacular every year - just imagine a giant convention center full of flowers): there were can-can dancers, flower arrangements, pressed flower compositions, tiny miniature scenes of Paris, and of course, rows and rows of sale booths.
Series of compositions called From Trash to Treasure
 (or something along those lines - double click on the picture for more detail - so cool!)
This chest and the Monet are actually made out of pressed flowers!!
Heading home
After we saw all the flowers, we bought some strawberries, a "frosty cherry" violet, a beautiful planter and some cut flowers too!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cross-country skiing trip

Saturday, we headed to upstate NY to go cross-country skiing for one of my friends' birthday. The snow was starting to melt and it was a bit wet, but we all really enjoyed it. And decided that we have to go back next winter.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's day!!

To all the lovely ladies out there, happy international women's day! Hope you have lots of love, laughter, and happiness in your lives! Enjoy an extra special "just for us women" day.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two and a half!

Wow, time sure does fly. Today Sasha is two and a half years old! How did that happen? She's all over the place these days, talks non-stop and wants to do everything by herself. She also throws world's greatest tantrums, screams at the top of her lungs for very long periods of time, and fights bedtime like nobody's business! She's still my little cuddle bug, she loves hugs and kisses and will randomly tell me she loves me or just start listing all the people she loves. She loves watching videos of herself on our camera and giggles at silly things she does. 
In the past half a year, we've seen such a difference in her, in terms of her learning, her social skills, and her vocabulary (we've stopped counting how many words she had shortly after she turned two!) She's still completely obsessed with Shrek and Toy Story. But she's also added Thomas and Friends and Angelina Ballerina to her favorite cartoons.
Happy, half-birthday, little girl! Please slow down and don't grow so fast!
P.S. Yes, I'm aware that half-birthdays aren't a real thing, but why not celebrate and have some fun? And here are pictures of Sasha a year ago and two years ago for comparison: