Thursday, March 24, 2011

All better!

We went to see the doctor this morning and sure enough, Sasha's ear infection is gone! Yay! She was happy as a clam to see the doctor and even stuck her tongue out (for which she promptly asked to be compensated in the form of two tongue depressors, lol). She's now perfectly healthy and has been cleared to go back to school on Monday!
 Sasha and I planted some grass in this adorable little ducky - it's supposed to look like hair when it grows out - Z saw this in Lowe's and couldn't resist getting it. Sasha's been asking me for a couple of days now where the ducky's hair is.
 Oh, this? This is how Sasha tells me she wants to "take a picture" - she then proceeds to hold one eye closed while looking in the viewfinder of my camera!
 Sasha made a pretty necklace and was obviously very happy about it!
Oh, look, Sasha's shoes fit on Minnie!

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