Friday, March 18, 2011

A beautiful spring day

We had a lovely warm spring day today. In was in the 70s, I'm not kidding. Too bad the next two weeks are supposed to be 48 and 49 and 50 (I finally figured out Fahrenheit, it took me some 11 years of confusion, but I finally get it... still can't spell it though, since the blogger just nearly yelled at me for misspelling it). So we went out, sick kid and all. She loved it!!
See the gloves? She insisted that she had to have them on!
Crappy cell phone pictures, my camera battery lived for literally one show and then kicked the bucket.
Then we made dinner on the grill (for the first time this year) and our girl got reacquainted with her love for colored chalk
Can't wait  for more days like this!!


Gretchen said...

It's finally lovely here too! And FYI, I finally kind of get Celsius! Look at us, funny hybrid people :) xx

Yuliya A. said...

Celsius is sooo much easier though!! And a lot harder to misspell ;)