Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crazy weekend!

We had (yet another) crazy weekend! We all just got over this stupid cold that I seemed to have (oh so lovingly) shared with the kiddo and husband, when we had an insanely busy weekend planned. Friday, we were out with our friends to celebrate my (way belated) birthday.
Saturday was my cousin's birthday so we headed to NJ for some good family time.
Sunday, was a surprise bridal shower for one of my closest friends who's getting married in September (and since I don't drive and it was on Long Island, my husband, the driver, had to come with me, of course leaving Sasha with my parents... he enjoyed some alone time and went to see a movie!)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daycare for Sasha?

We've been considering putting our girl in daycare come September, when she turns 2. For some reason, I have been having the worst time trying to find one that will accept kids for two days a week (because let's be honest, mama isn't ready to let her little tiny teeny itty bitty baby go to daycare for the whole five days!) I called around and I called around with no results, hearing back things like "well, how would we go about filling the other three days of that spot?" (really caring, huh?) and "well, how do you expect her to learn everything we plan to teach her throughout the year?" (dude, she's two!) Then one day, I randomly dialed a number of a daycare that I've passed by on my way to the store hundreds of times in the past almost two years. Blind dialed. And guess what? They do accommodate part-timers, although they did try to tell me that it might be easier for the child to go full-time after some period of adjustment.
And honestly, that really is my only concern with these people. Other than that one statement, we really liked them. The classrooms are small, the kids looked very clean and well cared for (not to mention that the teacher was very sweet with them). They get to play, speak both Russian and English (two different teachers speak different languages with them), go outside daily, take naps, learn things, and are even fed there!
I had a really good feeling about this place, but at the same time, I'm kinda having some trouble grasping the concept of her being away from me for that long on a regular basis. I think I'm going to call a few more day cares around here and hopefully see some and then make our decision, we do still have time till September.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our trip in pictures - part II - Paris

We headed out to Paris on the eve of my birthday, so that we can spend the 26th time that day came around in my favorite city in the world. We were awfully excited about taking the train through the channel, but were mostly disappointed with that part of the trip - we slept right through that! The part for which we were both awake we saw the most beautiful countryside, both British and French.
The view outside our room
The Louvre
One of the most amazing places in all of Paris (albeit with ginormous lines and steep admission price) - L'Oramgerie designed specifically to house Monet's waterlilies. And we're talking two big oval rooms with four giant canvases of just waterlilies (done at different times of day). I could've stayed there all day!
My first (of oh-so-many) creme brulee
Z was really excited to be on top of the Arc de Triomphe, can you tell?!
I'm a little bit (just a tad) obsessed with stained-glass windows and cathedrals - the first one is Notre Dame and the second is Sainte-Chapelle, but very beautiful, although so different!
Outside of Jardin de Luxembourg, so pretty!
Z really liked Pantheon with its Fucault's pendulum
One of my favorite places in Paris - Musee D'Orsay
Biking to Giverny - the French countryside is so peaceful and quiet! Monet's house and garden are a must see for anybody!
Another one of my favorite places in Paris - the Notre Dame cathedral
The amazing Chagall ceiling in Paris' Opera Garnier - love it!
The beautiful roof of the Galleries Lafayette - sadly we didn't spend much time doing any actual shopping there
One evening, we decided to go on a boat tour along the river Seine, it was really nice to see everything from a different perspective
Champagne tasting, hey, why not?!
The Notre Dame cathedral in Reims with its stained-glass windows by none other than Marc Chagall!!
This was our last attempt at being tourists. We have a picture similar to this from the last time we were in Paris, five years ago, so we had to recreate it. Right after this picture was taken, we headed back to the hotel to pick up our bags and off to the airport.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy father's day!

Just wanted to pop in and say a very happy father's day to all the dads out there. My dearest husband has been such an amazing papa to our little Sasha for the past 21 months, I sometimes think he loves her more than I do (if that's even possible). He's always doing something with her, he always has time for a hug or a cuddle with our girl. And she just loves him so much!! Her little face always lights up when she hears the keys opening out front door in the evening and she runs towards her papa for a hug (often even carrying something for him). They have this special bond that only a father and a daughter can have.
And my own dad? Well, he's the best dad I could ever ask for! He's been strict and soft with us over the years, he's the sweetest guy who always has a smile ready for you and a shoulder to cry on when you need it. He's always full of energy and jokes. And he's always there for us. No matter what.
So happy father's day to all the dads, hope you have a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our trip in pictures - part I - London

I am not going to bore you with with our daily trips, activities, and excursions while in London - I'd rather share pictures of our amazing trip. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words... this post really does not need any more words!
The obligatory telephone booth photo
Pink taxi cab!
Our awesome Gretchen, whom we stayed with and who let us steal her bed for four days!
The Tower of London
The Tower bridge
I think Z and Gretchen were tired of my picture-taking so I had to resort to this
At the very top of the London Eye (way way overpriced, but very cool and the views are unbeatable!
St. Paul's cathedral
We visited Windsor castle - one of the coolest places ever!
We had some tea at Windsor