Saturday, June 5, 2010

21 months old!

Holy moly! That's only 3 months away from being a two-year-old, but let's just pretend that's not creeping up quite yet, shall we? My little itty bitty baby (well, ok she was never really itty bitty, but still) is not so little anymore: she's running around, she's constantly on the move, yet she loves giving kisses and hugs (papa jokes that I get paid in hugs and kisses for staying home with her, and that's just fine by me) She know says somewhere around 60 words; her latest obsession is letters and the alphabet, she loves singing the ABC's and learned that the last word of the song is "me", so I sing up to that word, point at her and yells "me" very enthusiastically. She loves to cuddle, she randomly goes into our bedroom, climbs into our bed, covers herself with the blanket and tells me to come over and do the same; she then lays there and giggles quietly. I love it!! She is very independent and wants to do everything by herself, she helps clean up if she spilled something (or peed on the floor, fun times!), she tries to put on her own clothes: she is fairly successful with pants and underwear, albeit she puts them on backwards sometimes, t-shirts are a bit more complicated right now.

Here is our baby girl at 21 months old and just for kicks, a year ago, at 9 months old:

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