Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Planning, planning, planning!

We had a wonderful long weekend (but long weekends are usually too short and I always end up asking my husband on the last day before we go to bed if he absolutely has to go to work the next day... and he always says "yes") I will have pictures up, hopefully tonight, but during Sasha's super-long nap today, I got so completely carried away with something that I forgot to go through them all and upload them. What is that something you might ask? I finally got around to reading the Paris travel book we got for our trip. I think we're pretty much ready for London, we've looked through that book so many times and read it all. Paris on the other hand, well, let's just say that since I spent a semester studying there, I pretend to know it oh so well. I guess we'll see.
We will spend 9 and a half glorious days exploring Europe with its history, architecture, and romance. Oh how I love Europe, and I'm not picky either: while I adore Paris and will move there in a heartbeat, I will just as easily go to any other European city and enjoy it to the fullest! We're leaving Friday evening, so my things are packed, Sasha's almost packed, and my husband's are... well, not. But he assures me he'll have that done by tonight.

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