Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We are back!

And it is very bittersweet. Europe is well, it's perfect. Yes, I may have a slightly idealistic view of Europe as a whole (and Paris in particular, because you know, it is the most beautiful place on earth!), but we had a wonderful time eating crepes, fish and chips, sipping champagne and beers, videotaping the stone-faced guards by the Buckingham Palace, and riding bicycles in the French countryside. Heaven, I tell you. I was sad having to leave, but this time I was coming home to my little beautiful baby girl and that made it all better (that doesn't mean I'm not dying to go back to Paris, say, next year?)
And I'm guessing she missed us, she spent the entire morning cuddling with me (and most of the afternoon being a typical almost-two-year-old with many tantrums - I guess she got over the novelty of mama being home quickly, huh?) She also had a wonderful time here with her grandparents, aunt and uncle. I have more than 1,100 pictures from our trip (and I'm not even exaggerating) and will post them as soon as they're all uploaded. Just wanted to say, we're back (and thinking about our next vacation already!)

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