Friday, June 4, 2010

We're going on an airplane!

We're leaving tonight!! So ridiculously excited right now (well ok, generally excited, but also ridiculously worried that I'll forget something - I always get this feeling, always. But eh, we're going to be within reach of a store at any point during our trip, so if I did forget something, we'll always be able to buy it there... unless of course that something is a passport... off to find our passports now!) Annnd, I'm rambling...
Anyway, we're going to be in London and Paris for the next 10 wonderful days, I am admittedly impartial to Paris since I studied for a semester there (exactly five years ago) and never been to London, so this should be an exciting trip! we have crazy plans for both cities, but we'll see how they go. We're going to Champagne, since as Y mentioned that next time we go to France it'll probably be with the kiddo (kiddos? no, I'm not pregnant, but who knows when the next time will be) and kiddos are generally not so fond of champagne or any other alcoholic beverages really (well, until they hit teenage years, but let's just say, we'll get to France before year 2022!)
We also have quite a few people to see while we're there; I always get a little jealous when I hear of my classmates living in Europe, I keep saying I'd move in a heartbeat... But then again, I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything (but totally wouldn't mind my husband being transferred to their London office, hint hint)
Anyway, I may post sporadically depending on if we find the internet and/or time while there. Hope everyone has a wonderful beginning of the summer and we'll be back soon!

P.S. Dearest mom and dad, Frida and Mikhail, if you're reading this, thank you thank you thank you for taking care of our little girl while we frolic around Europe and drink Champagne and stay up late gazing at the oh-so-beautiful Tour Eiffel and admire ancient castles and try to get the guards at the Buckingham palace flinch! You rock!

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