Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Full term today!

Today marks a very special day - a Leap Day. Ok, ok, just kidding, I'm actually full term today. So that's kind of a big deal, the baby can come any time now (now that I've typed that, I realize, that he will sit tight for as long as my doctor will be willing to let him, sigh) Here is my big pointy belly this morning, but... not also, for fun, my not so big and pointy belly at 17 weeks and 27 weeks:
Yup, I'm big. And getting quite uncomfortable. My hips/lower back hurt. I can't sleep. And the latest fun symptom: my feet and legs are now swollen, yippee! With Sasha swelling started way way earlier (but then again, I was due at the beginning of September), so I kinda figured it wouldn't happen this time around, oh well.
So with 3 weeks left to go, we're nearly ready. The nursery is pretty much done, we just need to buy a couple of last minute things, and it turned out really cute if I say so myself (a separate post on that soon). We've got the carseat, but waiting till this weekend or next to install it. We've got a ton of diapers and wipes, bottles, baby clothes, etc. So now we just wait...
And no, still no name. Sigh. I'm sure he won't be nameless, since we have to put something in the birth certificate, but it is still stressing me out quite a bit.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Our favorite Bostonians

My sister and her husband moved to Boston a few months ago (suspiciously conveniently the weekend after we moved to NJ, presumably, to get out of helping us move and unpack, hehe). We miss them terribly, but they do come down to visit every so often. This weekend, we got them to stay with us!
There is a picture of my sister and me too, but I was warned not to post it under any circumstances ;)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family night

On Saturday, we headed to my uncle's house for a joint birthday party for him and my aunt (their birthdays are 3 days apart!) It was such a blast and Sasha didn't want to leave. And my cousins entertained us with their (slightly ridiculous, completely made-up, and way over the top) name suggestions for our little guy.
Totally not wearing matching outfits on purpose!
FYI, this is how Qudditch scenes were actually filmed in the making of Harry Potter movies. I bet you didn't know that!
This picture has a backstory: when I was pregnant with Sasha, we brought a watermelon to one of my aunt and uncle's parties and my uncle promptly put it under his t-shirt for a photo-op with me. Since then, Sasha is known as Watermelon. Naturally, little guy had to have a similar nickname from the start, hence Honedew. Except that last night, my uncle actually bought a honeydew for another photo. Yes, we're weird.
This is papa's attempt to get Sasha dressed at the end of the night. And no, she wasn't crying or resisting, she was playing quite happily with her uncle Steve.
My sister and her husband stayed with us for the weekend and I'll post later on all the fun we had.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


On Monday, our friends Jon and Grace with their little guy Luke came for a playdate. We were so excited to see them and Sasha was in love with the baby, giving him his pacifier, feeding him his milk, and being incredibly gentle with him.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Trip to the zoo

On Sunday morning, we went to the local zoo (which turned out to be small, but free during the winter months and a mere 15 minutes away!) Kiddo had so much fun (even though most monkeys weren't there since it's winter) and we even hung out at a playground nearby.
This picture needs an explanation: there were puddles everywhere, kiddo (naturally) wanted to splash in them; we told her numerous times not to, but being three she didn't listen. After an umpteenth attempt to splash in a puddle, papa grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out. This started a very dramatic fit of tears. From Sasha. And loud laughter from papa.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fun times

Just a bunch of pictures from the last couple of weeks - seems I've been a bit lazy posting them.
P.S. papa's been building a pantry (and, apparently, Sasha has been helping). It's almost finished (and I'm already loving all the extra space). I'll post pictures as soon as it's done.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Parents of the year

Yup, right here. Thank you very much! Long story short, we went ice skating with the kiddo on Saturday, and the fantastic attentive parents that we are, not only forgot her gloves, but also her jacket... Ok, maybe that wasn't such a long story after all: we buckled Sasha in, thankfully with her hat, grabbed her skates, jumped in the car, and we were off. We only realized our mistake when we arrived at the rink, sigh. But since we weren't going to leave without having skated (oh gosh, can you imagine the tantrum?), we just went in. She did surprisingly well and did not want to leave!