Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family night

On Saturday, we headed to my uncle's house for a joint birthday party for him and my aunt (their birthdays are 3 days apart!) It was such a blast and Sasha didn't want to leave. And my cousins entertained us with their (slightly ridiculous, completely made-up, and way over the top) name suggestions for our little guy.
Totally not wearing matching outfits on purpose!
FYI, this is how Qudditch scenes were actually filmed in the making of Harry Potter movies. I bet you didn't know that!
This picture has a backstory: when I was pregnant with Sasha, we brought a watermelon to one of my aunt and uncle's parties and my uncle promptly put it under his t-shirt for a photo-op with me. Since then, Sasha is known as Watermelon. Naturally, little guy had to have a similar nickname from the start, hence Honedew. Except that last night, my uncle actually bought a honeydew for another photo. Yes, we're weird.
This is papa's attempt to get Sasha dressed at the end of the night. And no, she wasn't crying or resisting, she was playing quite happily with her uncle Steve.
My sister and her husband stayed with us for the weekend and I'll post later on all the fun we had.

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