Thursday, February 2, 2012

A preview of what's to come?

I'll be honest, I've been feeling pretty good about having two kids (aside from attempting to breastfeed a newborn with a very affectionate 3-year-old, not getting any sleep again, going places with two, making sure both get enough one-on-one time... umm, I think you get it). I have completely ignored thinking about what would happen if both kiddos were sick at the same time. And you know why? Because just the thought of that makes me queasy, more so than sleepless nights, countless poopy diapers, fights over which toys are whose, getting two kids ready and in their carseats on time.
This week I got a little preview of what's to come. On Sunday (when, thankfully, kiddo was at my parents' house for the weekend), Z woke up with high fever and horribly sore throat. Then two days later, Sasha woke up from her nap with a gigantic (and scary) fever. To make matters worse, Z also has pink eye and Sasha's fever turned out to be stomach virus. So it's been a crazy few days here. I'm trying to keep the two separated and taken care of. My goal right now is to get Z and Sasha both well by Sunday, when I'm heading to my parents' for my baby shower (yippee!) Thankfully, we've got some good meds and lots of pedialyte in the house.


Katy said...

Hope both will be getting well really soon ... Most of men are indeed worst then babies when sick :P

Yuliya A. said...

Thanks! They really are sometimes, aren't they?