Friday, October 16, 2009

Museum of Modern Art

Today, we went to the city to meet up with papa for a visit to MoMA. While it is one of the coolest museums in the city, I have to be honest, I went there mostly to see Monet's Waterlilies - they are on exhibit there and Fridays are free, so what better day to go (and avoid finishing packing...) I wore Miss Sasha in the Ergo and I just have to say how much I loved it! It is so light and comfortable and I couldn't tell there was a 20-pound kiddo sitting on my back at all. Here are some pics of our first trip to a museum with our little girl (they're a little blurry, there was no flash allowed):

Sasha had the best time on the bus going home: she waved at people, looked out the window, danced, played with us (though it may not look it in this picture, but she was distracted here; she had fun, I promise!)

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GAMZu said...

My mother used to be a programmer for MoMA. :)

Is the Ergo really that good? Can it also be worn on the front? I an thinking about it, because it seems that my girl is pretttty far from walking and she is getting HEAVY!

Can you give me a little rundown on it? How easy is it to put on/take off? (I use my carriers mostly on public transportation so this is important.) How do you plan on wearing it in the winter?