Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ringing in the new year - part I

The number of parties and the number of unwrapped presents this year have been a little crazy. But if there's one thing I love is parties and presents (that's two things, huh?) On the 31st, we went over to Z's parents' house, along with his aunt and uncle and my parents and grandma.
Sasha got a fabulous train set!
I finally got my hands on the Harry Potter books!
And Z got a tempur-pedic pillow he's been wanting for a while
 We stayed there for a while, then left to go to our friends' party to watch the ball drop on times Square.
We played all sorts of games, just an FYI, so that my readers know that my face does not usually look like this
Stay tuned for celebration part II - too many pictures to fit into one post!

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