Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good "morning"

Max likes to take a long nap in the mornings, which is seriously great! On the days when Sasha is home from school, I get to spend lots of extra one-on-one time with her and on the days she's in school, I sometimes get to take a nap after dropping her off. Which is exactly what I did today. Woke up feeling refreshed, ate, washed the dishes, did the laundry. Kid still sleeping. Sorted through pictures from this weekend, cleaned a bit. Kid finally woke up.
Happy Max during diaper change
"Listen, I know I'm cute, but can you hurry up please? I'm getting kinda hungry here"
We attempted tummy time, which lasted all of 5 minutes until he started eating his fist.
Then it was "lunch" time for little guy. He then hung out on his piano playmat and after a quick change of clothes, he's now sleeping in his carseat waiting for me to get ready to head to the mall. And it's almost 2pm here!

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