Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She crawls!

Kinda, sorta. Our little girl has been trying to crawl for the past couple of weeks. She's done the rocking back and forth thing for a bit, then she figured out to move her legs and has been doing it for a while now, the problem was arms: she couldn't figure out that she needs to move them too and always ended up on her tummy. Well, today, she started moving her arms! I just saw her do it a couple of times she needed to get to her book. I'm so proud of her!! Now off to babyproof...

Ok, UPDATE since I last posted. She full-fledged CRAWLED! Eeek! My mom came by after work and she and my husband tried to get Sasha to crawl, offering her different toys, finally Y put Cheburashka in front of her (hands down her favorite toy), and she did it!!! My little girl is growing up :)

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