Monday, April 13, 2009

We're back from Boston

We had such a wonderful weekend away. It's always so nice to go back to Boston, and always so sad to leave it. We got in Thursday pretty late, but Miss Sasha (ok, and I) slept a lot throughout the ride there, and we went right to sleep.
Friday morning we went to the pool and Sasha had such a great time splashing and swimming with us. We met up with daddy's friend Craig for lunch and then went to the top of the Prudential building to check out the aerial view of Boston. Friday night, we had dinner with uncle Steve near Harvard at an Indian place, which was yummy (although I have to say, when I ask a waiter if what I'm about to order is spicy, only tell me it's not if it's really not)

Getting ready

Daddy showing Sasha Boston

Pretty pretty

Hey ma, hat's down there?

Got your nose... and ear!

The Prudential reflecting in an other building

Saturday morning we went swimming again (this time we meant to bring the camera, but completely forgot, did on Sunday though, so pictures to follow). We then met with a bunch of my friends for lunch at Cheesecake factory (yum). We were planning to go see the ducklings in the public garden that day too, but it was rainy so we postponed that until Sunday. For dinner, we met with some more of my friends. Overall, another fun day!

Meeting Auntie Gretchen for the first time

With Auntie Emmie and Uncle David

Auntie Gretchen and Auntie Caitlin

All of us together

Meeting Auntie Alla for the first time

On Sunday morning, we finally got some pictures from the pool! We did make it to the Public Garden to see the ducklings, but since it was very windy, we didn't stay long. Then we had lunch with Z's friend Victor before heading back home in the afternoon.

Going swimming - I love this picture, she always makes such silly faces!

On our way to the pool

With Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings all dressed up for Easter

Trinity Church and the John Hancock building

With uncle Victor

Bye-bye, Boston!

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