Saturday, April 18, 2009


Miss Sasha had two playdates in the past two days! On Friday, we trekked out to Hoboken to meet with four other mommies and their babies. It was such a beautiful day out, so we hung out in the park by the water and got some fresh air and sunshine. The kiddos were all so cute in their spring wear and had fun playing with each other's toys.

All of us (minus Ethan's mommy Amy who's taking the picture)

All the kids together: Ethan, Meredith, Evie, Jenna, and Sasha. Doesn't it look like Evie is crying and all the rest of them are trying to comfort her?

Jenna and Sasha checking each other out

Sasha seemed fascinated by Jenna's hair (I think it's the lack of the bald spot on her head that Sasha still has)


My baby and I

She was very tired by the end of the day

Today, Y and I, along with Miss Sasha met with a fellow mommy, her daughter and husband (and two adorable puppies, who seemed quite fond of Sasha and licked her hands). We went to Coney Island and just strolled along the Boardwalk. It was again a beautiful day, though maybe just a bit too hot (we had to take Sasha's outfit off and let her hang out in her diaper, which she utterly enjoyed).


My little happy girl with her Sophie

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