Monday, November 14, 2011

Home sweet home!

Just a quick update: we're all moved in, as of this afternoon. Still have a few things in the car and boxes, boxes everywhere (will this ever end?) Sasha's room is bright and blue with light pink curtains and butterflies on her comforter (which she picked out herself) and is the only room in the house which is unpacked. Baby boy's room might just be the last to be unpacked, sigh. Master bedroom is cozy and warm with a king-size bed and many boxes (but if you close your eyes and imagine the boxes aren't there, it's really cozy and warm, I promise!)
I do have a few pictures, but, alas, not the camera cord, so whenever I locate it, I'll be able to upload some. Tomorrow, Z is going back to work, and Sasha and I will explore our new neighborhood a bit. More on the house to come, I'm sure!

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