Friday, April 23, 2010

Our trip in pictures

I finally finished going through all the pictures, and my god, did we take a lot! There's over 300 total, plus a few absolutely hilarious videos. So as to not bore all of you with too many pictures, I'll summarize our trip with a few (if I can) and you can see the rest in my picasa album (you know, because I like to show off my pictures)
Being a total goofball on the flight
Crazy weather
The first three days it rained pretty hard, but whenever the rain stopped, even for just a little bit, we'd go out and walk around, the hotel was just beautiful!
Miss Sasha made a lot of baby friends: they either hugges, held hands, or kissed!
See? Making new friends, who cares if this one's metal?
Like mother, like daughter, eh?
Waiting for dinner at the French restaurant
Sasha was really tired of waiting for her crepe, so she came to hang out with mama
And then one morning, she refused to put shoes on. We're talking screaming and crying. So I told her she can choose whichever shoes she wanted to wear, and she picked her cold weather boots. Oh well, at least she didn't go barefoot!
We visited the crocodile zoo and had the best time! We met all sorts of animals and fed them. Sasha even got to feed the deer. But I will NOT hold a crocodile. Won't do it!
I did feed a monkey though, how cute is that little guy!? And the surprised look on my face? I discovered that monkeys have very soft palms and long fingernails!
Sasha and mama after swimming in the pool
Our last sunrise in Mexico

And then it was time to leave...


Nova726 said...

I love it! it looks like you had a really great time.

Yuliya A. said...

Thanks, Helene, we really did enjoy this trip!