Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy baby and busy parents

We had a very busy, but such a fun day today. It's been very very windy here the last few days, so we didn't get out too much, but today, we went to a music program at the library in the morning, after which my baby slept for more than 3 hours (thank you, library!) Which means she woke up too late and had to have a very short lunch. We barely made it on time to the swimming class. There Sasha enjoyed jumping off the side of the pool, actual swimming - not so much. Busy happy tired baby falls asleep so much easier! Which makes for a not too tired mama!
We've also been keeping busy planning our trip to London and Paris this June (yes, I'm aware that's just a month away - yay! - and yes, we did just come back from our last vacation, but I get to be in Paris for my birthday!) Paris is my absolute favorite city in the world, it's so beautiful and perfect (and yes, I know it's not actually perfect, but it is). We're planning to spend 4 days in London at my friend Gretchen's *flat*, then take the train to Paris and spend 6 days there. We are also planning to go to Champagne for a day, possibly Giverny. We're still working out all the details, but we're so so excited!

Oh, and here are a few pictures from our walk the other night:


Gretchen said...

And I'm well excited to have you come and stay at my flat!!!! Can't wait! xx

Yuliya A. said...

Yay, it'll get here before we know it... if I pack all three of us in time ;)