Monday, April 5, 2010

Many posts in one

So I realized that I seem to post in spurts, some days I'd have a few posts in just one day, then I don't post for days. Sigh. That's life with a  toddler for you. Anyone who tells you otherwise is crazy ;)
This post is pretty much a compilation of everything that needs to be said. First off, the kiddo is nineteen months old today. And guess what, I completely forgot to take her pictures today. I know I said a month ago that I probably wouldn't be doing them monthly anymore, but I honestly contemplated it this morning. And then I forgot. So I guess I wasn't meant to take the monthly pictures anymore. Anyway, back to the kiddo... she's doing great, she's learning new things every day, she's learning new words and constantly repeating what we say to her, she's easily at 40 words right now. Her favorite thing is to cuddle her "babies" and sing them songs. Her favorite toy right now is her sunglasses. She says hi and waves at everybody when we're out and about. And she's all girl: she actually enjoyed trying on new clothes (packing for vacation next week) and twirled around in frilly little dresses. She loves her shoes. She attempts to dress herself: while she puts both legs in one pant leg, she put her underwear on perfectly (ok, it took her 10 minutes and she put them on and they were inside out, but it still counts!)

Next Wednesday, we're leaving for Mexico. I'm still a tiny little bit nervous about flying with Sasha, but I've been stocking up on new toys, snacks, and books for the flight, hoping that it'll just work itself out. We also booked out European vacation for beginning on June, which we're even more excited about: I haven't been to Paris in five years, and while I'm afraid (nah, I'm pretty sure of it) that my French is less than perfect, I'm so happy to finally be going back!

And I leave you with some (some or is it more like a lot of?) photos over the last week or so:
With grandma L.
With grandma A.
Sharing a straw with grandpa L.
Sasha and auntie Anna - two stylish ladies
Showing off her moves


Anonymous said...

When I have the time to blog, I write up a handful of posts and post-date them to be published over the next week or so. That way I dispense the post to the readers one by one. :)

Yuliya A. said...

Hmm, that's not such a bad idea! And I know how to do that too, lol...