Monday, April 12, 2010

Packing, text messages, and swimming lessons

Packing with a toddler running around sucks. I put one thing into one suitcase. Sasha takes something else out of the other suitcase. I head into the next room to grab a pair of shoes to stuff into the suitcase, and she text messages her grandma. Who later calls back, and Sasha picks up. This kid makes me laugh so hard!
Today, we had our first swimming lesson of the season. Sasha pretty much clung to me when we got into water. Since we were a few minutes early (yes, you read that right, we got there on time!!), we splashed around and Sasha jumped off the pool wall into the water and warmed right up. And then, when we had to get out of the shower, she whined because she wanted to stay and play some more. But then she fell asleep in her stroller on the way home. Smushed.
All in all, a fun experience!

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