Thursday, April 8, 2010

More sleep troubles in this house

I don't know what's wrong or what happened, but the kiddo has started waking up way way before her usual wake-up time, sometimes as early as 6am (and before you go making fun of me for being  a wimp and telling me that 6am is nothing - 6am is too early for this mama to be functioning!) Her naps are all wacky too, some days she'll sleep for 3 hours, then some days she's up after just 40 minutes. We're exhausted. We've considered going to bed at 8pm, right when Sasha does, but that idea didn't seem plausible. We've even put parental control on TV so that it would automatically turn off at 10pm, but it seems that somebody forgot to put the same control on our internet! So sleep gods, if you are reading this (and I do believe this is the correct way to communicate with sleep gods), please please send us our good sleeper back!
And please don't tell me, it's the two-year molars, I'm so not ready for that yet!

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