Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"So when are you having the next one?"

We've been asked this surprisingly often in the past couple of months. Ok, people, our kid is not even a year and a half and we're "supposed" to be thinking of another baby already? Granted, my sister and I are almost exactly two years apart and I've told my mom that I give her so much credit for being pregnant with a young toddler, but I know I cannot do it.
I mean today was your average day with just a toddler and we both managed to cry (one of us numerous times - I will not tell who it was though!) Sasha was especially picky about everything I've offered her to eat, she's cutting 4 teeth at once (again), wouldn't let me step away from her for more than two minutes, and was just being unusually clingy today. Let me just say that I was very very very happy when my husband walked through the front door. And he had a pretty bad day at work, so he ended up going to the store to pick up some Nutella (that is my guilty pleasure and we try to stay away as hard as we can).
So yeah, we're not ready to even start thinking about another baby. Actually, the thought of two little ones right now scares me quite a bit. And Sasha was an "easy" baby, for which I'm utterly thankful. Which pretty much means that the next baby (whenever we have the next baby) will not be.
I give you a funny picture from today (for enduring this rather long post... ah, who am I kidding, I'm going to show off my kid whenever I get a chance to):

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