Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another crazy weekend!

So it seems that most of our weekends are incredibly busy and fun, but this particular weekend, I do wish we could've stayed in and cuddled at home. It is raining outside and has been since early yesterday, and supposedly will be until Monday. That weather is not conducive to going out, but alas, the plans have been made, the birthdays have happened and everybody is excited to see everybody else. Today, we're heading to visit papa's grandma, grandpa, and great-aunt. Right after that, we're going out for my great-aunt's birthday party with the entire family (good thing both my husband and I were able to take a nap today!) Tomorrow morning, mama is off to sign Sasha up for swimming classes, Y's parents are coming right after that. Then my parents and grandma are coming over for dinner. How's that for a crazy weekend? At least, there won't be too much traveling with the kiddo!
Hope everyone has a safe (dry) weekend!
And p.s. next weekend is reserved for relaxing and cuddling!
P.p.s. except for my dentist appointment next Saturday, sigh.

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