Tuesday, March 9, 2010

18-month appointment today

We went to see Sasha's pediatrician (have I mentioned how much I love this woman? She's amazing!) We chatted about a few things, how Sasha is doing and developing, our Mexico trip. She seems to love it when we have an appointment, she always gushes about the kiddo (and with other doctors and nurses too)... but then again, who wouldn't, hehe? Sasha now weighs about 24lbs (50th percentile) and 32" tall (70th percentile).
Sasha took a nice two-hour nap when we got home from the appointment (and let mama take a nice almost-two-hour nap as well, I really really needed it today). When we left for our walk in the afternoon, I managed to lock ourselves out. Luckily, this was at 4pm, so papa got home a couple of hours later. But sheesh, it finally happened, I've totally expected this moment a lot earlier!

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