Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy half-birthday to our baby girl

Sasha is a year and a half today, that just seems like another little step closer to two (and don't even get me started on having a two-year-old!) She's such a big girl already, she loves dancing, she loves singing (she does a very cute little la-la-la-la when music is on), she loves yogurt and cheese, and would eat that and fruit all day long if I'd let her. She's working on jumping up and down, although she doesn't always know to lift both feet at the same time. She loves reading books, she loves her dolls. She's now saying around 35 words, including more animal sounds! We're working on colors now and I'm trying to do more craftsy things with her, which she seems to enjoy. We're going to see her pediatrician on Tuesday, so we'll see how she's doing growth-wise.
This is how we started out the day...
But after Sasha ate snack, she was so much more cooperative
We jumped after Sasha's nap a little
Then we made some brownies
...and ate them!
Then we played with grandpa and grandma

My little girl is a year and a half already! When did that ever happen??

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