Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You know what sucks?

Toddlers who don't sleep well, that's what! Let me preface this by saying that Sasha has been a fantastic sleeper since she was about 5 months old (granted she went through a horribly four-month wakeful period when I was up with her nearly once an hour for a month straight!) This latest phase started a couple of weeks ago when she got her stomach virus. After coming home from a weekend at my parents' house, she'd wake up multiple times a night, for no apparent reason. She'd also stall bedtime, asking for more water, more kisses, more hugs, more trips to the bathroom (and how can you refuse a potty-training child a trip to the bathroom?)
Then one day the night wakings stopped. For all of three nights, sigh. And came back with a vengeance on Sunday night when she was up 4 times. It's really a good thing I don't work because otherwise I'd be a zombie at work and probably get myself fired! So it seems that, according to our old friend Dr. Ferber, who helped us deal with the four-month wakeful period, she's formed a crappy habit of asking for things at bedtime and getting her way, which may in turn have been leading to her waking up asking for the same things.
Last night was night 1 of sleep (re)training and it went very peacefully: we kept her up a little bit later, followed our bedtime routine to the T, and she went to bed without any demands. And woke up only once! Tonight was harder: she cried for about 10 minutes, I went in to her room twice, she cried a few more minutes and then all was quiet. We're crossing our fingers that she'll sleep through the night. I'm exhausted!
And to close off this (very) wordy post, here are some pictures from tonight:

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