Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crazy family weekend

Because that's just how we roll, we had a ton of family craziness stuffed all into three days! Passover dinner on Friday evening at Z's parents' house, bridesmaids dress shopping on Saturday (a very very long day, but we did end up buying all our dresses, which are beautiful!), and my dad's birthday party (again) on Sunday. Pure awesomeness!
We watched some old home videos taken by Z's grandfather

Yup, we totally had matza right next to Easter eggs (my mom and her entire side of the family is Christian)!

Sasha helped my dad unwrap some presents
Of course, there was a pillow fight
Even my cousin got in on the fun!
And P.S. Looks like we're back to normal sleeping around here... wait, I mean, Sasha is back to normal sleeping: it appears that we haven't learned a thing and still stay up way too late, sigh.

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