Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

I think Mother Nature is playing a (really mean) prank on us: it's been raining for days and the sun is nowhere to be found... And this morning, on April 1st, I actually saw snow flurries!! The nerve! Really looking forward to better weather! But in the meantime, this is what we do in this kind of weather:
We played fort under Sasha's table. And then, naturally, took a nap there too
And then we gave our little duckie a haircut - the "hair" grew out amazingly fast - and two days later it's already a mess! Who would've known this would be such a high-maintenance hobby ;)
P.S. do you see the beautiful high stack of books right behind our green-haired friend? That stack of books makes me so happy, can't wait to get to all of them!
P.P.S. Happy birthday o my wonderful mother-in-law, who is very strategically escaping this nasty weather in warm and sunny Jamaica!!

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