Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sleep update

I wanted to give a little update on Miss Sasha's sleeping issues. Day 2 of (re)ferberizing was the hardest, since then we haven't had to go in to her room at bedtime after putting her down. And since Tuesday, she's only woke up once at night and then put herself back to sleep within a minute. So yeah, looks like Dr. Ferber has done it again!!! We do have a slightly stricter bedtime routine, I even made a fun colorful chart for her to follow all the steps. She adores the chart, she says it's her present from mama and papa!!
We're busy busy busy this weekend: yesterday, we had a Passover dinner at my in-laws' house, today I'm off to Long Island to go dress shopping for my sister's wedding (this time for the bridesmaids), and tomorrow is my dad's birthday party.

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