Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a beautiful day!

 Z had two wisdom teeth extracted on Friday, so the kiddo's been staying at my parents' house for the weekend. While feeding Z antibiotics (and following them up with probiotics), I decided we needed to get out on this beautiful spring day. First we went to the movies, and I drove (for those not familiar with my learning to drive saga, it's a big big deal!), then for a nice long walk on the bay.

Z is starting to feel a bit better, no doubt thanks to our little outing today (and maaaybe the meds), and not to worry, Sasha's having a grand old time hanging out with my parents. We talked to her on the phone a few times today, which apparently is her new favorite thing in the whole world. She gets so excited and tells me everything she's been doing and what grandma did and what grandpa said, and then she asks me how papa's teeth are and if he's still sick. Too cute!!

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