Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Sama" and other new tricks

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (of constant whining about sleep battles) to bring you some exciting news. For the past few weeks, Sasha's been doing these amazing new tricks (and I am totally unbiased of course). Her favorite thing to say is "sama" meaning "myself", then she proceeds to do whatever it is I was trying to do herself. It's truly amazing: she puts on her pants/shorts/undies all by herself (although she still needs help pulling them all the way up), she puts on her shoes, she takes her dirty diapers in the trashcan (and claps very proudly after she does), she likes to do everything by herself (that, unfortunately includes taking her diaper off at completely inappropriate times, but oh well). Just yesterday, she put on a t-shirt (grated, it was backwards, but it still counts!)
She's also been saying "sentences": usually stringing two words together. It all started a few weeks ago, when she saw a cup of tea on papa's nightstand (we were all sick, so he was drinking tea all day long) and she said "pei chai" (drink tea). it was hilarious. Now she does it all the time, "mama am" (mama eat), "papa na" (here you go, papa), "Sasha pat'" (Sasha sleep, yeah, right, who are we kidding, but she does say that anyway). It's so funny, but so wonderful seeing her string words together and make sense of it all and try to express herself better. She's learning more words now than she has in previous months. And she's obsessed with letters and numbers. She totally knows letters A, B, L, O, sometimes C and D. And she recognizes the number 4. But refuses to say 6 when counting, sigh.


Gretchen said...

Is 'Mama, te hoshesh chai?' to follow soon? Hehe.

Yuliya A. said...

Oh, without a doubt, cherie ;) Especially, if you have anything to do with it while you're in NY!